Meals at Brother-In-Law’s (England)

ロンドンに3泊してから、ウィンザーに住む夫の弟夫婦の家に1泊だけ泊めてもらいました。義弟の家では結婚した当初からお料理はほとんど義弟が担当し、奥さんは主にデザート担当。泊めてもらった日は、チキンパイを作ってくれました。パイ生地は市販のパフペイストリー。Delia Smith のレシピで本来はクリスマスに残ったターキーを使うようですが、この日はチキンの胸肉でした。焼くと生地をくっつけているところが剥がれて中身が出てしまうことがあるそうですが、この日はきれいに焼けていました。とても美味しかったので、うちでも作ってみようと思います。付け合わせはローストポテトと赤キャベツ(お酢や砂糖をいれて蒸し焼きにしたもの)。デザートは、洋ナシとりんごのクランブルでした。

We stayed at my husband’s brother’s house for one night before flying back to Singapore.  At his household it’s usually been my husband’s brother who does the cooking (and his wife does baking/making desserts) most of the time.  On the first day we stayed he made a chicken pie.  It’s a Delia Smith’s recipe and she uses left-over turkey after Christmas;  I’d never looked at this recipe because I dislike turkey unless it’s just been cooked (because the particular flavour and smell gets stronger later on) but it’s a good idea to use chicken instead.  It was delicious.  The side dishes were roasted potato and red cabbage with vinegar and sugar.  The dessert was pear and apple crumble.  All very nice!



On the following day we were going to stay at a hotel at Heathrow because our flight back to Singapore was very early the following morning, but we spent the day with them before relocating to the hotel in the evening.

The lunch was sausage sandwich, and the BEST sausage sandwich I’ve had!  I know it’s such a simple thing but there are definitely  excellent ones, boring ones, and awful ones.  The sausages were perfectly cooked, the bread was grilled so it was very crispy outside and warm and moist inside with a nutty grilled flavour,  and the sautéed onion added some sweetness to the salty sausages.  Soooo delicious!  Some people (many people?) think I’m very fussy with food but I can be so happy with a very simple food if it’s done well. I’d rather have a sausage sandwich like this than many meals I’ve had in posh restaurants in Singapore (and in England in many places) over the years.



The dinner was pasta with chorizo and tomato sauce and the dessert was fruit salad – both very nice.  It was lovely to be able to have some home-cooked meals.




A little after dinner, my husband’s brother took us to the hotel we were staying at Heathrow airport.


At my brother-in-law’s, they’ve always had a cat.  Now there is one grown-up cat (I’m not sure how old…) and also a new kitten (I think she was about 2 months old?).  These two weren’t good friends when I saw them last.  The kitten looked fine but the adult one didn’t like having another cat there.  I tried to take photos of the kitten but she moves so fast most of the photos came out blurred.  I’ll upload of the better ones later.




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