Joie (Vegetarian)



My husband came back from his business trip on Friday so we met in a restaurant for dinner.  His flight was delayed so our dinner started late – 8.30pm.  We went to “Joie” in Orchard Central, a vegetarian restaurant.

The dinner here comes as 7 courses (including a drink after the meal) and some of those came with 3 things on one plate, so I cannot remember all the details.  It sounds a lot to eat,  but each portion was very small and it’s a vegetarian meal so it was quite light.




The small pear of the pear soup was supposed to be tender but it wasn’t so I wasn’t able to cut it with a fork.  It’s in a small tea cup so you cannot cut it with a knife so it was very hard to eat.  I didn’t like the flavour of the soup either.  I also didn’t like the pumpkin soup my husband had.

I did like the quinoa salad very much – the texture was interesting and the dressing very tasty.  There was something like a croquette, which I also enjoyed.

I’m not sure if they were “delicious” but lots of them tasted good, some better than others, and it was very interesting and fun experience.




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