Quick Lunch @Crystal Jade


I avoid Orchard this time of year as much as I can – more than usual – but I do need to go there now and again to do a little Christmas shopping.  This morning, as I was up early anyway, I got there as the department store opened, did some shopping and had a quick lunch at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao.  I had Dan Dan noodles, which I love – I forgot to take a photo as I was so hungry.  Then I had xiao long bao.  I enjoyed both but I think I prefer Ding Tai Fong’s xiao long bao as they are smaller and lighter (not as heavy with fat).

今日は、担々麺が食べたくなってニーアンシティーのクリスタルジェイド(いろいろありますが、今日行ったのは Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao )でさくっと。お腹が空いていて写真を撮るのも忘れて食べてしまいました(笑)。担々麺だけでは足りなくて、小籠包も。小籠包はジュースたっぷりで美味しかったですが、鼎泰豊の方が小さくて脂も少なめであっさりしていて好きかな。





After we got back from our holidays I had a bad jet lag for a while but it eventually went after a week or 10 days.  However, even after it’s gone I’m still getting very sleepy early in the evening and cannot help going to bed very early then wake up quite early (around 6.00am).  I would say it’s a bit too early to get up but it’s nice not to have to force myself to wake up like I’ve been doing almost all my life.   I hope this will continue…


My back is much better, it’s just now and again I get pain.  Strangely my bottom is hurting, though – because I was using different muscle for sitting down and getting up not to strain my back, I guess.




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