MACA (Tanglin)


Last night we went to MACA, which is in the same building as Tanglin Post Office.  A few groups came in a little before we left but it was pretty quiet.




前菜2品、メイン2品、デザート1品をシェアー。前菜は、PADRÓN PEPPERSというスペインのペッパー(日本のししとうと香りも味も良く似ていました)ビークドビーツ、ゴートチーズ、レーズンのピクルス、ホースラディッシュ(レーズンが見当たらず聞いてみたところ今は入れていないそうです)。

We had 2 starter, 2 main, 1 dessert.  For the starter we had Padron Peppers and Baked Beets, Goat Cheese, Picked Raisins & Horse Radish (although I couldn’t find any raisins so I asked the staff and was told they don’t use raisins any more).





For the main, we had 12 hours Roasted Iberico Pork Neck and US Ribeye Steak.  We also ordered potatoes on the side.









We had 2 bottles of sparkling water and the total bill was S$200 – seems expensive for what they are.  Looking at the website, lunch set seems good value.





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