Chinese New Year


In Singapore, we’ll be hearing the dragon dance music everywhere for the next 2 weeks or so.  I was at Ngee Ann City and came across with dragon dance as expected.  (if you click a photo it’ll expand.)




Although Chinese New Year is well celebrated here, I find their decorations not very tasteful or special, they tend to be just cheap and cheerful.  Here is the decoration in Plaza Singapura.




Before Ngee Ann City, I was in Paragon.  Their decoration was much more tasteful than Plaza Singapura.  (They looked nicer than the photo in real life.)




I was in Plaza Singapura yesterday and in Ngee Ann City today to try to buy some watercolour supplies but Art Friend in Plaza Singapura was closed yesterday and Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City didn’t have anything good.  Art Friend in Ngee Ann City was a good art supply shop and in a convenient location but it’s not there any more, which is such a shame.

プラザシンガプーラでは、お昼にNam Namに行きました。ライムソーダ、揚げ春巻き、ベトナムサンドイッチ(豚の三枚肉にしてみました)、ポークミンチとチリのヌードル。ヌードルは美味しかったですがサンドイッチは昨日はパンがぱさぱさで美味しくなかったです。先日お友達が「Sandwich Saigon」というお店のベトナムサンドイッチを買ってきてくださり、そのときはNam Namのサンドイッチがどんなだったか思い出せなかったのですが普段そこそこ美味しいと思って食べていました。昨日特に美味しくなかったのか、それとも先日の美味しかったのと比べてしまったからなのか。。。はわかりません。

We had lunch at Nam Nam in Plaza Singapura yesterday.  Crispy spring rolls, Noodles with mince pork and chilli, Vietnamese Sandwich (pork belly) and lime soda.  The sandwich bread wasn’t nice, it was very dry and some part was so dry it became powder in your mouth.  I don’t know if it was specially a bad bread or it’s always that quality to be honest.  The Vietnamese sandwich my friend brought from “Sandwich Sangon” was so good, maybe I’m spoiled now.









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