義弟夫婦との最後の夕食は、夫がムサカを作ってくれました。作り慣れた Delia Smith のレシピです。ムサカは他に何を合わせれば良いのかわからないので、いつもサラダと一緒にいただきます。

The last dinner with my husband’s brother and his wife was Delia Smith’s Moussaka that my husband cooked.  We always have it with a salad as we cannot think of anything else to have it with.



ということで2人は1週間の滞在を終えて、もうすぐ機上の人になります。1週間はあっという間でしたが(特に途中ペナンにも行ったので)、楽しい時間でした。近 くに住んでいればもっと度々会えますが、海外勤務をしていると家族と過ごす時間がどうしても少なくなるのが悲しいところです。それでも年に1度か2度は大 抵会えるのは有難いこと。次回は、4月末にロンドンで合流予定です。

So, my husband’s brother and his wife are now at the airport waiting for their flight to go back to England.  A week is very short specially as they had a couple of days in Penang, but it was lovely to have them with us.  If we lived in the same country we would be spending more time together, it’s one of the sad things that we have when we live far apart, but we are happy that we get to see them usually once or twice a year.  Next time, we should be able to see them at the end of April in London.



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