Boutique Fair

年に何度か(?)開催されるらしいブティックフェアーが、Pit Buildingで今日と明日開催されています。ホテルやアメリカンクラブでのフェアーには行ったことがあるのですが(香港に比べて規模が小さすぎてがっかりしました)、今回のブティックフェアーは出店数も多いようだったので初めてお友達と行ってみました。そこそこ見るものもあってそれなりに楽しかったですが、わたしたちが行った今日の午前中は一番混むとかで、着るものや靴などは並ばなくては試着できず、人気のものの周りには人も多く、それをかき分けて、あるいは待って見るほど物欲もなく(笑)。また、いいなと思うものはお値段も結構していて、ものが溢れる我が家にどうしても欲しいものはなかなかなく、あっても大きすぎて持って帰る気にならなかったりで。。。


There is  a”Boutique Fair” in the F1 Pit Building today and tomorrow.  I’ve been to some fairs at hotels and the American Club before, but I thought their size was very small and they were not very interesting compared to what I’d been used to in Hong Kong,  but I’d never been to Boutique Fair in the Pit Building before.  This was much larger and nicer than those I’d been to before here and there were some nice shops.

However, it was quite busy this morning and I would have had to queue or wait for a while to be able to try on some clothes or shoes that I was interested in, or to see things more closely, and I’m not so patient or don’t have enough energy to want to do that so I didn’t buy anything – until just before we were going out of the door, when I saw a bag.  It’s this silver colour one, it’s woven with material like string you use for packing (no idea if it’s that or not) but with leather straps and proper lining inside.  It’s nice and light and also summery.  I do hope the colour doesn’t run in the rain, though.  I also bought some chocolates but that was all.








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