Dinner at Mustard (Indian in Little India)


今日は夫の提案で、久しぶりにリトルインディアの Mustard に夕食に行きました。そういえば、しばらく行っていませんでした。お店の人にも「長くいらっしゃらなかったですね。」と言われてしまいました(笑)。

My husband suggested Mustard in Little India for our dinner today.  I had sort of forgotten about the place and we hadn’t been back there for a while.  The waiter who took our order also told us he hadn’t seen us for a long time – sorry!


My husband wanted to try the things that we don’t often order.  The trouble is, when we do this, we cannot remember which one we liked and which one we didn’t like so much.  From the starters, we ordered fried bread with some sauce, which my husband liked very much.  Then we had chicken tikka, roasted cauliflower, chicken curry (I cannot remember the name but the description said it was aromatic and has lots of coriander).  We probably should have ordered on more dish for variety, both the cauliflower and chicken curry were very light so I felt we needed something a bit more punchy.















All tasted very good although, like I said, we probably should have ordered one dish that is more punchy.  However, in terms of amount we had enough – not to much or not too little.  I think we had 2 large bottles of beer and the bill was only about S$90, which seems very good value.


The waiter who took our order told us that they now have a lot of Japanese customers and had a large group of Japanese at lunch time.  I told him it was because of my blog (he he).  I don’t really believe it is as I don’t have that many readers, but it probably has something  to do with it.


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