Lunch at Sujyu in Mandarin Gallery


I had lunch with a few friends in Sujyu in Mandarin Gallery.  One good thing for me is that they do have many things on the menu that are not fish or seafood but my main complaint is that they don’t serve many vegetables with their mains.  I chose the Fried Chicken Set – it comes with fried chicken, lettuce, onion sauce, miso soup and rice.  The onion sauce and miso soup were too salty for me so I had just a little bit of each.  The chicken is good but I’d rather have about 2/3 of chicken and some vegetables – but then I suppose most men would prefer lots of meat and no vegetables.  The rice here is good, though.




My friend introduced her friend to me and another friend, which is very nice of her.  When you are an expat for so many years you sort of loose the energy to go out and make new friends, I appreciate that my friends are always so kind and introduce some of their other friends to me.  We chatted about this and that and had a relaxing afternoon.


It’s not a surprise but it’s so hot here; my body must have got used to the cooler weather in Sicily and London over the past couple of weeks. Even when it got up to 30C in Sicily, it was cold in the evenings.  Here it never seems to get comfortable at this time of the year.  I so hate this weather….  Yes, I know I shouldn’t complain, there are many worse places to live… but it’s so hot and humid, I’m already dreaming of going away to somewhere cooler.







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