Sausages & Yorkshire Pudding

ランチから戻ってきて夕食を何にしようかと考えてみてもお腹がいっぱいで何のアイデアも浮かばなかったので、夫に「なにかアイデアない?」と聞いてみたら、Toad In The Holeは?という答え。直訳すると「穴の中の蛙」ですが、蛙はソーセージ、ソーセージがヨークシャープディングに埋まっていて顔お出している状態のもののこと。

After lunch I tried to think of what to cook for dinner but didn’t get any idea with my full stomach.  I asked my husband if he had any suggestion and he said “How about Toad In The Hole?”.  I asked him if he wanted Toad In The Hole or Sausages and Yorkshire pudding and he said he didn’t mind.

Toad In The Holeと、ソーセージとヨークシャープディングとどっちがいい?と聞いたところ、どっちでもいいとの返事。わたしは Toad In The Hole だとソーセージの周りがべたっとしてしまうので、別々のほうが好み。人参、ブロッコリー、炒めた玉ねぎとグレービー。

Personally, I prefer them cooked separately because I find that the batter around the sausages gets a little too heavy for my liking, so I cooked them separately.  Served them with carrots, broccoli and onion gravy.

It’s been a long time since we had Yorkshire pudding.  We used to enjoy Roast Dinner in Japan and Hong Kong quite often, but Singapore is just too hot for roasts.  I love them but I get too hot in the kitchen.





I he Yorkshire puddings rose very well.  I think I cooked them slightly too long but I prefer them that way to having uncooked middles.  Next time I’ll cook them a few minutes less.


Yorkshire pudding seems similar to Dutch Baby, which is a particular type of pancake that has been very popular in Japan in the last few years.  There is still some batter left so maybe I’ll make them again tomorrow and pour on some maple syrup for a dessert.





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