Chinese In Tanglin Club


I had lunch with a few friends that I hadn’t met for a while in Tanglin Club in their Chinese restaurant.  Apparently their Chinese restaurant has been renovated recently.  I hadn’t seen them probably since the early or middle part of June.  We had Turnip Cake, Prawn Dumpling, Vegetable & Prawn Dumpling, Rice Flour Roll with BBQ Pork, Fried Tofu, Stir-Fried Green Beans & Mince Pork, Cabbage & Black Garlic.  For dessert I had Mango Pudding and others had Bean Curd Pudding.


I see black garlics in supermarkets sometimes and have been wondering what they are like, but this was my first time to try.  It was very mild and more like onion, I thought.  Personally I liked the fried tofu best.




















After the lunch, we had tea at their coffee shop.  It was S$24 for both lunch and tea together per person – thanks to the friend who is a member there  it was such an inexpensive lunch.


We laughed a lot together, a great way to spend a rainy day.  Because it’s been cloudy or raining, I guess the temperature has been lower than usual (but it’s still 29C), inside the club was very cold.  I don’t usually get cold in Singapore because I find their airconditioning isn’t that strong (stronger than in Japan but not as strong as in Hong Kong), so I don’t carry anything like a Pashmina, but when the weather isn’t good, I guess it’s a good idea to carry one, especially when you go to the places where the aircon will be very strong.



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