Japanese Dinner At Home


Today’s dinner was Japanese, which I don’t cook very often.  I say “Japanese” but I’m not sure if I call this Japanese.  Maybe it’s more Chinese than Japanese?



The main dish is Gyoza but I also added spring rolls today.  I made many more gyoza than we could eat in one go last time and froze the left-over, they are what I used today.



The one in the blue dish is Lotus Root Salad.  All I did was to mix lotus root with store-bought Sesame shabu-shabu sauce and some fresh steak leaves (shiso).  My husband loves shiso, so I wanted to make something I can use shiso in.




The other dish is fried tofu.  I do this often when I make gyoza.  I just dip tofu in Japanese corn starch and fry them in a little oil in a frying pan (all 4 sides), then pour a dressing I make with Yuzu Kosho and top it with some chopped spring oinons.  I bought Yaki-Dofu today instead of Momen Dofu, it worked better, easier to handle and we actually enjoyed the texture better.  When I was frying them I thought I should have sliced them thinner but I thought the thickness actually worked well.



The main was gyoza.  Only 8 each today because we had spring rolls as well. (I forgot to take a photo of spring rolls.)



Happy that my husband seemed to have loved this.  He asked me to cook this sort of thing more often.  This is not strictly “Japanese” but sort of Japanese home cooking.  He loves gyoza and also seemed to like both Tofu dish and the salad.  To be able to cook this sort of a meal more often, I have to learn more dishes, though.  I’ve learned a few lovely dishes from my friends, I’ve been meaning to cook them at home.  I must try them soon!!

I find Japanese meals tend to be more labour intensive, which I don’t necessarily, mind.  The hard part is to come up with a good balanced menu.  Also usually I have to go to a special supermarket to get the ingredients, like Tofu and steak leaves.






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