Handmade Card Making

今日は11時からお友達と早めのランチをご一緒したのですが、写真を撮るのをすっかり忘れてしまいました、残念。お友達も比較的ご近所なので、便利の良いNassim Hill Bakery でサンドイッチとワッフルをシェアーしてお茶を飲んで解散しました。お忙しいスケジュールの中、お時間を作ってくださってありがとう!

I had an early lunch with a friend at Nassim Hill Bakery but forgot to take photos completely.  She is very busy this week but made time for me, it was lovely to get together.


I’m feeling totally fine but when I walked to a bus stop near the cafe quite fast to make sure I won’t miss the bus (because it was supposed to arrive at the bus stop in 3 minutes or so) I felt a little tired even though the distance was very short.  I don’t notice it when I’m at home because I’m not doing a lot anyway but I guess it’ll take time to get the stamina back.


In the afternoon a couple of friends came to make cards.  One of them made 4 of these cards – she made the same cards (with different paper) last time when she came to make cards but these are fun to make and come out quite differently when you use different paper.



The other friend made 4 Christmas cards.  The original was this card and she made these looking at the card I made last year.

Again, as she used different colours  from either of the sample cards, her cards look very different, these look very cute.  The trees are in gold.






I didn’t make any but I had a lot of fun chatting with them while they made the cards.  Lovely way to spend an afternoon with my friends.

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