Costa Rican Black Bean Soup

今日の夕食は、Jamie Oliver のコスタリカ風ブラックビーンスープビデオウェブサイトのレシピとは多少違いがあり、特にサルサが違っています。ビデオではコリアンダー、チリ、ライム汁、オリーブオイル、塩を混ぜていますがウェブサイトではコリアンダー、玉ねぎ、赤ワインビネガー、オリーブオイルを混ぜています。わたしはライム汁を使いましたが、玉ねぎも少し混ぜてみました。

Today’s dinner was Jamie Oliver’s Costa Rican Black Bean Soup.  The recipe on his video is different from the written recipe in his website.  I followed mostly his video but added onion to the salsa.


After sauteeing various vegetables, you add black beans with liquid and cook it for a while, then add eggs at the end to poach them in the soup.  When I made it last time I didn’t add eggs but today I did as we weren’t having anything else.  It was very tasty and satisfying.  I think I shouldn’t have chopped the coriander leaves like in the written recipe, though.  I prefer both the look and the taste when the leaves are larger like in his video.







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