Christmas Party / Table Coordination


I had a Christmas party – quite a small one this year as most of my friends have already gone on holiday or left for Japan for Christmas and New Year holidays.  I sometimes host a few Christmas parties in one year but this year this is it.  Just a gathering with 3 friends.  Such a small party somehow seems too quiet for Christmas time, but it’s not all bad, I feel you can have a real chat when the group is small.


The theme for the decorations of our Christmas tree this year is white and silver, so I mainly used these two colours for the table setting as well but added a little pale blue.







The large Christmas wreath is the one I made at the Providore’s class.  I replaced the white roses as the original ones had got too old, and some of the leaves had changed colours or dried up but it seems to add a very Christmassy ambience to the table, that might otherwise be a little too quiet without it.


I also decorated the coffee table with silver and white with a little gold.



I bought these angel shaped candles in Stanley in Hong Kong when we lived there.  I find they make lovely decorations this time of year so I’m not intending to use them as candles.


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