Jamie’s Italian & Dry January


Since we got back from Thailand, we’ve been having a relaxing few days.  This afternoon we were having tea on our balcony because it was quite cool with rain but it started to rain very heavily with strong wind early in the evening.  We do love heavy rain when we are at home and don’t need to go out so it was quite nice, it also cools the temperature down quite a lot, which is lovely as it’s always hot here.

今日の夕食は昨日の時点では夫が何か作りと言ってくれていましたが、面倒になった様子、急遽外食することになり「Jamie’s Italian」に行きました。

Yesterday my husband was planning to cook dinner today but he changed his mind so we decided to go out.  We went to Jamie’s Italian in The Forum.


For a starter, we shared Peas & Mint Arancini.  It’s only 3 very small arancini so we probably could have had a plate of them each.  The last time when we had arancini here (it was mushroom arancini then) they were not cooked long enough and a little soggy but this time these were nice and crunchy.



For the main, I had Fettuccine with Bolognese  sauce.  It was quite cinnamony but I like their Bolognese sauce.  I chose the smaller size rather than main dish size and it was quite small, I probably should have had the bigger one.  However, as we had dessert as well, I was full by the time we left the restaurant.



My husband had Ravioli.  I tried one piece but I thought it should have been cooked a little longer.  I don’t mind the bite but don’t like the floury taste when it’s under-cooked.




I completely forgot to take a photo but for dessert we shared a Fondant chocolate with salted caramel ice cream.


去年もしましたが今年も1月は Dry January (禁酒月)、なのでワインなし、ガス入りのお水1本だけでしたので随分お安く、2人で98ドルほどでした。食事のオーダーもやや少なめのオーダーでしたしね。

Like last year, we are doing Dry January, so we didn’t order any wine.  With a bottle of sparkling water the bill was about S$97 – seems very cheap! I guess the amount of food was on the small side, too.


So, it’s going to be Dry January again.  I presume this became popular because people in general drink a lot in December, but we don’t particularly.  Still, I guess it doesn’t do any harm so I’ll go along with my husband.


Jamie’s Italian
583 Orchard Rd,
Singapore 238884

Tel: 6655 7676


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