Dinners On The Weekend


I hadn’t blogged dinners my husband made last weekend.


On Saturday, he cooked Spanish Pork – pork cooked with onion, pepper and olives and tinned tomatoes.  Pork was nice and tender and it was as tasty as always.




日曜日は、Jamie Oliver のケールのパスタソース。食べながら、「健康に良さそうな味だね。。。」まずいということではないのですが、少し青臭すぎるのと変化がなく食べ飽きる味でした。体に良いものを食べたという満足感はありましたが(笑)。

On Sunday he cooked Jamie Olivier’s pasta with Kale.  It tasted very healthy….  It’s not that it was bad, but it tasted a bit too green and one dimensional.  At least we felt we ate something very healthy!


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  1. Anne Wong says:

    I like your blog very much. They are very informative and honest. Your husband seems to cook Italian and Spanish good very well. Is he from Europe? My husband cooks for me too. I guess we are both very lucky women. Thank you very much for writing. I find them light hearted and enjoyable. 🙂

    1. spiceynoodle says:

      Thank you very much for your lovely comment! Yes, my husband is British and he enjoys cooking very much but I think he Asia food intimidating to cook so he tends to cook things that are more familiar to him.

      1. Anne Wong says:

        🙂 great. I miss Singapore and Asian food alot since moving to Europe. Reading your blog makes my heart warm yet tummy hungry. So ironic indeed.

    2. spiceynoodle says:

      Thank you again for your compliment! I’m sure we’ll miss Asian food when we move to the UK as well.

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