Handmade Cards


2 people came to make cards today, one of them for the 2nd time, the other for the first time.


Both of them chose relatively quick to make designs and completed 4 cards.  The friend who has made cards once before made these.  3 of them were based on the card a friend of mine made and gave me sometime ago – it’s on display – and 1 that she designed herself because she wanted to use a particular die.  All lovely.




The one who came for the first time also picked a card that was made and sent to me by a another friend of mine.  This one can take a while to make because it takes time to choose paper for the hearts but she didn’t take too long so was able to finish 4 of them.  They’ll look even better with some stickles or/and glossy accent on some of the hearts, but they wouldn’t have dried before she left so perhaps next time she can add some.




All the cards looked lovely.  They both seemed to have enjoyed the process, which gives me pleasure.  They would have come back soon to make more cards but my schedule is full next week then I’ll be away for a few weeks so next time will be sometime in April.



I also made some cards with them but they aren’t completed yet so I’ll blog them when they are done.






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