Handmade Cards


2 friends came to make cards.  I say friends but I met them only a few times so far and they both started making cards only a couple of weeks ago.  I think this is their 3rd time to make them but they seem to love making cards.  One of them have been visiting Scrapbooking shop often, I wonder if she’ll buy a die cut machine soon… Recently not many of my friends were coming to make cards but in the last one month I’ve made a few new friends who want to make cards.  It’s actually lovely for me to seem them having so much fun and also good to get more motivated myself.  Even though I cannot make cards often when I’m with friends, their enthusiasm helps me to get more enthusiastic when I’m alone.


One of them completed just 1 card today.  She started making the cake motif last time when she was here and finished the rest today.  I think the combination of the small polka dots and large polka dots look great.  She started making it as a birthday card but today it ended up being a Valentine’s Card.







She loves dry embossed paper so she embossed lots of pieces of paper today and took them home.  Theses are 2 of many that she is planning to make using the paper.  I love the simple design.





The other friend made 2 lovely cards, too.  Again she loves embossed paper so she also used embossed paper.





The stamp she tried to use for heat embossing were not very suitable for that, the stamps of the set were very shallowly etched and the design didn’t come very clear.  There were a few more little accidents so it took her a while to finish the 2nd card.  If these accidents didn’t happen she probably could have made a couple of more cards.  Still, I’m glad she was able to complete 2 lovely cards.




Those who just started making cards are so enthusiastic that they want to come back soon again but unfortunately I’m leaving for Japan on Sunday night for a few weeks, so I cannot invite them until middle of March.  I remember how there was a time when I kept thinking of designs in my head all the time and wanted to make cards all the time.  I’ll be looking forward to being able to invite them again when I get back from Japan.









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