Handmade Card



I liked 2 blue cards that my friend was making yesterday so I made similar cards last night.  There was a card shop in Hong Kong that I loved and that’s where I used to go whenever I wanted to buy some cards and I always chose very simple cards because I do tend to like simple look.  When I started making cards, I tried to make some very simple cards, the sort of cards I would buy if they were in a card shop, but I wasn’t very happy with the results.  I felt that the quality of the paper of the cards I used to buy were very high so they looked lovely but with lower quality card stock (that we can usually buy for craft) are not special and I personally feel they don’t look so nice if they are really simple.  However, when the paper is dry embossed, I feel they don’t show the quality of the paper as much.  I’m quite pleased with these.

I kept some of them very simple but added a small heart for 2 of them for a little cuteness.

I think, I enjoy making cards that has more elements more, though, because the process is a lot of fun.









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