Handmade Cards


Two friends came to make cards today.  One of them has made cards only once before so she still needs me to show her how to do certain things or find what she needs, but the other has been a few times before and seems to have got a hang of it and was making them without much input from me.


The friend who came a few times before made 8 mini cards (half the size of usual) using gold embossing powder.  She was inspired by this card.  They came out lovely.






The other friend made these 4 cards.  Very simple but they look much nicer in real life because of the texture of embossed base, heat embossed messages and raised message tags.







I’ll be going away from late May for a few weeks so the next time they can come and make cards with me will be the middle of June, but they are so keen that they’ve already made an appointment for their next session.





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