Vegetable Curry



I totally forgot to blog our dinner yesterday.  When my husband was leaving home for work in the morning I asked him what he wanted for dinner yesterday and his answer was “Curry!  Chilli!”.  Almost always the same reply, why do I still ask him?



So, last night’s dinner was Vegetable curry.  I sautee onion, cumin seeds, garlic and ginger first, then add some spices and then tin tomatoes before adding water and vegetables, then when all the vegetables are cooked through I add some Japanese curry roux.  Japanese curry roux has quite strong taste so I’m not so sure if it’s worth adding spices but somehow I cannot bring myself use only store bought curry roux.  Vegetables I used yesterday were onion, carrot, new potato and Japanese Kabocha (pumpkin).


I didn’t write about flowers the other day when we had a pizza party, but the flowers are peonies, ornithogalum and eucalyptus.










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