Dinner at Nanbantei


My husband is away on business again, so I took the chance to have dinner with a friend who has been very busy during the day but can be free for dinner.  I don’t know why but it has sort of become a habit to have dinner at Nanbantei with this friend.  We both like it, we can usually book a table on the day before and we cannot come up with any different ideas – or cannot be bothered to.


We had mini tomatoes, asparagus, okra, tsukune (mince ball), pork belly with yuzu kosho, shishito (Japanese thin green pepper), sweet corn, garlic rice and sweet bean soup with shiratama.  We both had just 1 glass of draft beer.



We enjoyed chatting, eating, drinking and had a lovely evening.  The bill was a little less than S$50, such a good value.


14 Scotts Road #05-132,
Far East Plaza





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