Factory Outlet At World of Wedgewood (Stoke-on-Trent)


Back to our holiday.


Every year, we first decide the main destination.  Then, if it’s easy to do so, we add England to it so we can stay in London and see our families and some friends.  This time the main place was Scotland so naturally we also spent time in England.  If we were in London before Scotland we probably would have taken a train or plane, but we were in Devon so we decided to drive to Scotland, keep the car there and then take the train back to London.


It’s too far to drive from Devon to Fort William in one day, as it would have taken 10 hours without break, so we stayed in the Lake District, which is about in the middle between them, for a couple of nights.

Gidleigh Park から湖水地方まで行く途中のストーク・オン・トレントにはWorld of Wedgewood という、ウェッジウッドのアウトレットやミュージアムや工場があります。以前からアウトレットはありましたが、2015年に新しく大規模な建物がオープンしたとのこと。ちょうど通り道でしたし一度行きたいと思っていたので、夫に頼んで連れて行ってもらいました。今回は時間がなかったのですが、レストランやウェッジウッドの器でお茶やアフタヌーンティーがいただけるティールームもありました。

On our way from Gidleigh Park to Windermere, in Stoke On Trent, there is “World of Wedgewood”.  It apparently opened in 2015 and now has a museum, factory, tea room, and restaurant, as well as a factory outlet.  I’ve always wanted to go to their factory outlet and this was a good chance as it was on our way anyway so I asked my husband to put it in our itinerary.








In their factory outlet, you can purchase seconds, or those out of manufacturing, with a large discount.  I was a little disappointed that there weren’t as many different types as I expected, but luckily they had the ones that I’ve been thinking of buying for a while.  We bought 2 sets of tea cup, saucer and cake plate (although I think these are larger than cake plates, are they dessert plates??  Not sure, but we’ll use them for cakes).  I would have loved to get more but our cupboard is already overflowing.  I asked the staff to pack them in a box so we could easily carry them back to Singapore, but they said they don’t do that and just wrapped with tissue paper.  Fortunately we later got hold of a box in London before flying so we packed them in that, put it in a suitcase and they arrived here safely.  I’m planning to use them for a tea time this weekend.










Wedgwood Dr
Stoke-on-Trent ST12 9ER


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