Dinner at Terra – Tokyo Italian


We went out for dinner and by the time the dessert came I was almost sleeping at the table and crashed out as soon as we got home.  I did sleep until midday today (although I woke up quite a few times in between), so I think I made up with the last few sleepless nights.  My husband didn’t go to bed until later and he was up early for his Parkrun this morning and was falling asleep earlier this afternoon, so decided to have a nap just now.


We went to Terra.  It’s usually not possible to make a booking on the day or even a week before so I tend to make a booking a few weeks in advance when I think of it and made this booking before we went away.


My husband’s first dish was Scampi (I think from Hokkaido).



My course was going to be “Truffle Special”.  My first dish was roasted onion and summer truffle.



My husband’s 2nd dish was fried Anago (salt-water eel).




Mine was white asparagus, wild asparagus (they are not actually asparagus but named so, different from what they call wild asparagus in Italy), fried egg and truffle.  The sauce was yummy – I think it was red wine reduction.




The 3rd dish for both of us was handmade tagliolini with porcini with summer truffle.  I love his tagliolini, it has the bite I like.



The following dish was again pasta.  They told me the name of the pasta but I cannot remember, it’s again handmade.  The staff explained to me that you first make flat long pasta like tagliatelle then cut it as you twist it. The sauce was made with Nduja.  Very good.




The main dish was Japanese beef from Japan – but cannot remember where from.  The vegetable is Manganji Togarashi (Kyoto vegetable, like a long green pepper but slightly spicy).  Although the beef had quite a lot of fat it didn’t taste fatty, just juicy and sweet.



Dessert was tiramisu with melon and basil ice cream.  There was some tapioca pearls – unusual and tasty.





Every dish (both my husband’s and mine) was delicious.  Sadly, probably because I was tired with lack of sleep and jet-lag (or could be because of an egg, somehow eggs fill me up), I felt so full before the main came and I wasn’t able to finish the beef even though it was delicious.  My husband was very happy to help me! Anyway, we really enjoyed the meal.


54 Tras Street
Singapore 078993

Tel: 6221 5159





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