Home Style Chicken Curry

旅行から戻って初めての週末の夫ごはん。何がいいかと聞かれて、スパイシーなものが食べたいからチキンカレーはどうかと提案。ネット検索でBBC Good Food のレシピの「Home Style Chicken Curry」を作ってくれました。

Our first weekend – and first dinner by my husband – after we got back.  My husband asked me if I had any suggestion so I requested “something spicy, maybe chicken curry?”.  He searched on the internet and chose “Home Style Chicken Curry” in BBC Food.


Loving the bouquet, which makes the table look beautiful.









We ran out of time to do shopping in London and forgot to buy cheese on the last day!  We ended up buying Harrod’s stilton at the airport but sadly it’s far too mature, not very nice.




My husband didn’t seem to like the chicken curry he made.  I have to say it isn’t what we think of curry, a little too tomatoey?  Perhaps it’s better with less tin tomatoes and less stock?  It tasted good, though, even if we don’t think of it as a curry.


Incidentally, my husband cooks like this – always prepared all the ingredients like this before he starts. I do with some – like baking and also with spices if they need to be put in together – but usually I chop and weigh/measure as I go along if the timing isn’t crucial.  For example, if I’m making curry, I would be sauteeing onion first then as it’s cooking I would do the next, then the next because it takes shorter to cook that way.  However, I suppose, you are less likely to make a mistake his way.






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