Day 1 in Edinburgh – Dinner


We arrived in the house we rented near Edinburgh a little before 4.00pm.  Our friends flew from London and we met in the supermarket near the station close (5 minutes drive) to the house.  We bought some food, water, wine etc and arrived back home, I guess, around 6.30 or 7.00.  We opened a bottle of sparkling wine that our friend bought, chatted for a little while then our friend cooked dinner for us all. 


It was pork with mustard and cream sauce, boiled potato, green beans and asparagus.






They also bought dessert – cheese cake.


And some cheese and grapes.





The dinner was lovely and we had a great evening catching up with each other.  After dinner, we had some whisky we bought in a distillery we visited whilst staying at Inverlochy Castle (I forgot to write about it, so I’ll write about it later) and talked until late.








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