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Many years ago, I took quite a few cooking classes at Coriander Leaf.  The classes were quite expensive but you learned a lot of dishes and I particularly liked her Indian and Middle-Eastern (and Moroccan) recipes – I still use some of them often.  However, they haven’t added anything new since I’d known them so I took all the classes I wanted to take and haven’t taken any for years.  Just the other day I learned that they opened a new casual restaurant, so we tried it today for dinner.


We had a set of 3 Mediterranean dips with pita to share to start with, then my husband had lamb sausages and I had a harissa chicken burger.  We also ordered broccoli and fried potatoes (we were asked if we wanted with herb or truffle oil and asked for herb, but somehow I was able to taste truffle oil as well).  Then we shared hot chocolate cake.

I wasn’t able to taste harissa in the harissa chicken burger – I thought the chicken tasted just like Indian tandoori chicken, smoky and smelling of Indian spices, which was a little disappointing as I was expecting more of a Moroccan type of taste.  Still all in all, it was all OK.  Nothing special but OK.

The room was very dark and somehow (I guess because of the lighting) my photos were all very red.  I edited them but they still look very strange.
















Coriander Leaf Grill
12 Ann Siang Road
Singapore 069692

Tel:+65 6222 7276






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