Day 2 in Edinburgh – Dinner


On our 2nd day in the house near Edinburgh, we went out to an Italian restaurant near the house for dinner, it was 10-15 mintues walk.  The decor was quite nice, but….


We shared Caprese between 4 of us.  This was fine, you cannot spoil this easily.



My husband had ravioli.  He said it was good.  I had one piece – it had the texture like what we’ve bought once or twice in a supermarket, sold as ready made fresh ravioli, sort of a stale texture that I don’t enjoy.



The husband of our friend had lamb; he said it was good.



I had pasta.  It was pasta with potato and, I think, pancetta.  The staff told me it was dry type, not very saucy and I told him that was fine.  When it came it came with a lot of sauce, he told me they made it specially saucy – I never asked them to!!  It was so so salty, it was almost a torture for me to eat.  If it tastes good without much sauce, it means it’s seasoned strongly.  If you use a lot of sauce, naturally it becomes very salty.  Dhaa…  I ate just a little with lots of wine and water, but not much.



Our friend had fish.  On the menu it said it was breaded but there was no bread crumb in sight.  She said it tasted good so it was OK.



Then 3 of us ordered Cannoli.  All of us loved the Cannoli you get in Sicily so we were looking foward to this, but it was very thick and soggy, tasted like something that was in the freezer far too long (you know that particular taste?).  Basically, inedible.  Yuk.



Our friend had tiramisu, which she said was good.





Others thought it was OK, but mine was some of the worst food I’ve ever had in my whole life, so I’m not going to write the name of the restaurant.  We did have some very good food in Edinburgh but I guess outside of the city the level isn’t so good.








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