Brunch At P.S.Cafe in Dempsey


We went for a brunch at P.S.Cafe in Dempsey, it’s been a while we had a brunch there.  As it’s a summer holiday and there aren’t many western people I thought it might be quiet but it wasn’t quiet at all.  The ratio of western people was very low but there were still plenty of people queueing up.




My husband almost always has “Big Breakfast”.  Today he had poached eggs.




I almost always have sandwiches here but now and again I would order something else.  Today was such a day and I tried Spicy Chorizo, Hash and Poached Egg.  I think of shredded and sauteed potato when I think of hash but these were chopped and boiled potatoes.  It also had beans, mushroom and spinach.  Personally I didn’t think mushroom and spinach worked well with the rest but it was still very tasty and I enjoyed it.  I thought the crispy potato skin was very clever and went well with it.  I also liked coriander leaves here.





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