Brunch At Huber’s Bistro

昨日に引き続き、今日も外でブランチ。Huber’s に行きました。予約を受け付けないので少し早め(?)と思って12時ごろに着きましたが、一杯。でも、入り口に置いてあるiPadで詳細を入れるとテーブルが空いたらSMSと電話が来るという仕組みなので、レジスターしてからHuber’sでゆっくりとあれこれ見ながらお買い物をして、ちょうどレジで支払った頃に連絡が来ました。

We had a brunch today again.  We needed to go to Huber’s, so we thought we’ll try their Bistro together (I had lunch there the other day and it was good, but my husband hadn’t tried it).  We arrived around 12.00 but it was already full.  The good thing is that they have a system where you register yourself for a table on the iPad at the entrance and you will get SMS and a phone call from them when your table is ready for you.  We took time to do our shopping and a table was ready almost when we paid for the shopping, so it worked out well.


As we will be having a heavy dinner, we thought we’ll have a light lunch and chose Spicy Sausage in Brioche, but when it came it was huge!  And we finished almost all.  Oh dear, too much eating this weekend.  At least I resisted beer…





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