New Kushikatsu Restaurant – Panko


We tried a new Kushikatsu restaurant “Panko” (it means bread crumb in Japanese) for dinner yesterday.  I think it opened only a few weeks ago.  We had “Panko Beer”, which apparently is made from rice!  I wondered if it was going to taste like Sake but it didn’t, it tasted more like fruity British bitter, very nice.




We had ginko nut, Japanese sweet potato, okra, Brussels sprouts, shiso, kabocha, shishito (Japanese green pepper), lotus root and pork sausage from Kushikatsu menu.  Shishito, okura, lotus root and sausage was OK, but ginko nut had too much batter and I couldn’t taste ginko nut at all.  Japanese sweet potato, Brussels sprouts and kabocha were too undercooked and crunchy – almost raw – so it didn’t taste of anything and the texture was totally wrong.  We also ordered a salad.  When it arrived it didn’t look like it had salad dressing so I asked the staff and she assured me it was dressed.  We ate about a half of it still wondering where the dressing was as we couldn’t taste any, then eventually we asked again and found out they forgot to dress it….


Then, as the last item, we ordered Black pork katsu sushi.  I think we waited about 30 minutes after ordering until it finally came.  Even after we had the last item, we waited 15 – 20 minutes, I thought I would fall asleep!  Although the local staff were deep-frying the kushikatsu, it was only one Japanese chef who was making everything else like salads, sushi, desserts etc.  He was working at a full speed, he couldn’t have worked quicker, but we didn’t know when our turn would come because he kept making desserts and some other sushi.  Although the restaurant isn’t large, it’s not so small that one chef can manage all the dishes other than kushikatsu because there are quite a lot of things on their menu that aren’t kushikatsu and you do get fed up having only kushikatsu and many people would order other things.  When it finally came it looked different from what I imagined.  It had tonkatsu inside of rice then the whole thing was breaded and deep-fried.  A bit too heavy for us and I didn’t feel it worked very well.


They are open at lunch time and serve set menu and rice bowls, perhaps it’s better to go there for lunch rather than dinner.


We had 1 beer each only, no dessert and the total bill was a little less than S$150.  To me, it seemed more expensive than I expected.



Panko Restaurant & Bar
33 Arab Street
Singapore 189197

Tel: 6291 3323


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