Lunch At Common Man Coffee Roaster

お友達とランチをご一緒しました。今日は夜外食予定なので「Common Man coffee Roaster」で軽めに。前回食べた蕎麦サラダがなかなか美味しかったので提案してみたところ、「気になってたんです〜」とのこと。今日ご一緒したお友達とは好みが似ている部分がたくさんあって、ナッツがお好きだったりカリカリした食感がお好きだったりするので、多分お友達もお好きじゃないかなと思っていました。チキンを足したものとチキンなしのものを1つずつオーダーして、チキンはシェアーしました。

I had lunch with a friend and we went to “Common Man Coffee Roaster”.  I’m going out for dinner tonight with my husband so we wanted to go somewhere we can choose something light. I suggested here because I liked the noodle salad I had last time and also because I thought this friend would probably like it, too, as I know she likes lots of things that I do, like crunchy texture, nuts and this sort of dressing.  We ordered 1 without chicken and 1 with and shared the chicken.






I thought there was more soba noodles than before.  I liked it this time again and my friend also liked it.  After this, we ordered tea each and the bill was a little less than S$35 per person.



Common Man Coffee Roasters
22 Martin Road 01-00
Singapore 239058

Tel: +65 6836 4695



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