Handmade Card


A friend and her friend came to make cards today.


My friend’s friend had never made cards so everything was the first time for her including using clear stamps.  She made 4 elegant looking cards.  (After I took photos, she embellished them with some line stones.)










And the other friend made 4 Christmas cards.  The snow flake motif is hung with clear string so it rotates in the circle window.








As I wrote in the last post, just when I was talking to these 2 people, my Line account was hijacked and I had to send a report requesting Line to cancel my old account, send messages through various means to my friends, reply to the messages I received from my friends through various means – so I wasn’t paying enough attention to the first timer.  Fortunately my friend has made quite a few cards already and was able to help her.

This Line incident exhausted me!









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