Line (Chat Application) Hijack



すぐにラインに報告書を送ったり、どうやってお友達の皆さんや家族に伝えようかと考えている間にも次々といろいろなところから(SMS、フェイスブック、WhatsApp、インスタグラム)「おかしなメッセージが来ました、乗っ取りでは?」とメッセージが来て、お返事しなくちゃいけないけど先に他の人たちに知らせなきゃと WhatsAppやフェイスブックやメールでメッセージを送り、みなさんにお返事し。。。






There is a chat application called “Line” that is very popular in Japan.  Recently, there have been a few friends whose Line accounts were hijacked and I received some false messages from “them” asking me to go to a nearest convenience store to buy some prepaid cards.  I also received a few messages from Line saying someone had attempted to log in as me from another device and had failed in the last few weeks, so I was aware that someone was trying to hijack my Line account.  This afternoon I was talking to my friend and her friend (who were making cards) about it and wondering what we could do to prevent it happening to us, and just when I was saying that, my Line application closed suddenly and I wasn’t able to log in any more!  Yes, it was hijacked as I was watching!

All I could do was to send a report to Line telling them the situation  and try to warn my friends for these false messages, but even as I was trying to fill in the form to send to Line, I was receiving lots of messages from many friends – through various means – to warn me that my Line account was probably hijacked.  I wish there were an easier and quicker way to let my friends know the situation without writing so many messages.

The way that the  hijacked ‘me’ talks in the messages sent to my friends is much too familiar, in the way I would never talk to my friends so I didn’t think my friends would even think it was me specially because  I was sure everyone is warned about this, but a few of my friends did actually believe that the messages were from me!  Fortunately, at least so far, nobody went as far as sending money and I’m relieved, but it has been such a pain to letting people know what is going on, making a new account and connecting to my friends again.






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