Curry Spaghetti


I got my stickers back on Line after loosing them being hijacked.  After reporting the incident and it’s been proven that it was hijacked, I got all the stickers back.  I don’t buy that many sets but even so I have collected quite a few sets in the last few years and it would have cost quite a bit if I have to buy them again and would have been a pain to do so trying to find what I want, so I’m very happy to have them back!




I forgot completely until my husband told me – I forgot to blog the dinner my husband cooked on Sunday.  It was Curry Spaghetti.  It has onion, apple and raisins so sweet, sour and spicy.  I love this.

Recently, all of a sudden, my husband got better at eating long pasta and seems to be able to eat as fast as I do.



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