IZY Dining + Bar – Modern Izakaya

昨日のディナーは、モダン居酒屋「IZY Dining + Bar」に行ってみました。シドニーの TETSUYA やシンガポールの Waku Ghin で5年働かれたシェフのお店だそうです。

We tried “IZY Dining + Bar” in Club Street.  Apparently the chef worked for TETSUYA in Sydney and Waku Ghin in Singapore.




“Karaage”.  Very crispy.  I thought the oil they used for frying was a little off.



Asparagus & Shiitake with Ponzu.  Ponzu was quite strongly flavoured with dashi so it was fishy for me but if you don’t dislike fish you would enjoy it.  I liked the crispy texture of asparagus.



Gyudon (beef with rice and sauce) with Onsen Tamago and truffle.  It had a little too much sauce to me but still very nice and enjoyable.



Ebi Tempura.  It also came with some vegetable tempura.





As the Gyudon was bigger than we expected, and we ordered 2 deep-fried dishes, this filled us up but we felt like having something a little more so ordered dessert.  My husband had Matcha & Azuki ice cream and I had Black sesame ice cream.  Both very nice.




As I mentioned, the oil they used for Karaage I think was a little off but other than that I enjoyed everything.  The drawback was that their service was extremely slow.  It seemed like there were only 2 people who can cook. We waited for a long long time before our 1st dish came, then quite a long wait again before the 2nd dish came, but the 3rd and the 4th dishes came relatively quickly.  We didn’t think their service was very friendly either.  We had 3 bottles of Japanese beer and the bill was S$170.  They also had Japanese beef on the specials menu (that we didn’t see until too late).



IZY Dining and Bar
27 Club Street
Singapore 069413



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