Wine & Cheese Gathering At Home


As I wrote yesterday, when 2 friends were making cards with me the other day, we found out that one of them was going to have dinner in this same restaurant with our mutual friend at exactly the same time, so I asked everyone if they would come back to my place and have some drinks after the dinner.


Although it was after dinner, I prepared a cheese board just in case they had some room left.  I also set the table with some Christmassy decorations before I left for dinner.










This candle stand is one of my favourites, I saw it at a friend’s place in Hong Kong many years ago, loved it and purchased it.  It’s cute, but not too cute, and so Christmassy.




I haven’t found of lots of Christmas decorations I like here in Singapore but have found a few.  These 3 decorations are what I bought here.









This silver colour tray is a present I received from a friend recently.  I’m using it at the moment for putting some Christmas decorations on.




During this season, I have a lot of small decorations like these around the room and on shelves so I just move things around now and again and change the decoration on the dining table often.


I guess they’d already drunk enough at the restaurant, so they didn’t drink much and it was relatively a short time that they stayed as it’s a busy time of year, but it was lovely to get together.  2 of them met the rest for the first time, but in Singapore there is always a good chance that they become friends.


I find it very hard to get into the mood of Christmas in Singapore because of the weather and not having it change, but getting together with friends helps me feel a little more Christmassy. Many of them will be going back to Japan for a New Year holiday soon so we are already parting with special Japanese greetings we use at the end of year.  I met some of these freinds only a few weeks ago, some perhaps a half year ago and some a year ago except only 1 whom I’ve known for a few years, the cycles of friends here are very short, which is sad.  However, I’m grateful that I got to know them and I get these opportunities to meet new people.







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