Mont d’Or


My husband came back from his business trip this evening.  As it’s Friday today we usually eat out but I couldn’t think of any restaurant I wanted to go to, so I asked my husband if he had any suggestion yesterday. His answer was that he would like to eat at home because his flight is a bit late and also he was quite tired.  He suggested Cheese Fondue as he often does but I asked him what he thought about having Melting Mont D’or for a change, it’s very similar but different, and he was happy to have it.


Mont d’Or can be eaten as it is but is often eaten baked in the oven and melting like Fondue.  There is no way we can finish it and it’s quite expensive so I’d never bought it before but it’s special cheese that you can get only certain time of year and I learned that you CAN eat left-over within a few days so I thought we’ll try it. The rest of the meal is the same as when we have Cheese Fondue – Parma ham, salami, potato, carrot, salad (with pear) but added some dried fruit pate and dried fig to nibble.





Photos taken at night look very yellow because of the lights so I always edit the colour temperature so it looks more natural and also brighten it up.  However, the real look is something more like this – I didn’t edit this one as much as I useally do.  Dinner photos look nicer this time of year because of the lights on the tree.



To feel more Christmassy, we opened a bottle of Champagne.



I took off the rind from the top of the Mont d’Or, covered the whole thing in aluminum foil except the top and baked it in the oven for 10 minutes.  I guess it could have been baked a little longer to brown the top?  It seems like adding white wine and chopped garlic is very popular but I baked it without adding anything today.









I think we had about a half of the cheese, we must try to have some more in the next few days.


Although it seems very much like Cheese Fondue, it does taste quite different.  I’m guessing this is higher calories than usual Cheese Fondue…?  We enjoyed it, it made a change.


My husband’s flight was delayed and he didn’t get home until about 8.40pm.  We probably would have booked a table at 8.00pm if we’d planned to go to a restaurant and we would have been very late, so it was a good idea to eat at home.

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