Steak Cooked With Sous Vide

今日は夫が夕食を作ってくれましたが、低温調理器を使いたいということでステーキになりました。今日も Huber’s でアメリカ産のリブアイ(今日は2.5センチの厚さを2枚)を買いました。レッドワインソース。付け合わせは、ローストポテト、ロースト芽キャベツ、いんげんの塩茹で。

My husband wanted to use the Sous Vide machine (Anova) so he decided to cook steak for dinner.  We bought American Rib Eye in Huber’s  – 2 slices of 2.5cm today.  The sauce is red wine sauce and the sides are roasted potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts and boiled green beans.


The steak was tender, not gamy and good but it wasn’t as fantastic as the first 2 times when we cooked steak with sous vide.  It can be that the meat was different, even when you buy the same cut from the same butcher I guess every piece is different, but it can also be that he didn’t marinade it.  The first 2 times when he cooked steak, he marinaded it with olive oil, garlic and rosemary, this time he didn’t do that.  I suggested him to roast the Brussels sprouts rather than boiling in water and he roasted them for the first time andwe liked them.  They look a bit burnt but they were just caramelised and delicious.
















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