Picnic At Home


Even when we spend Christmas Day somewhere else, my husband always cooks Christmas Dinner after we get back home.  This year, he’ll cook it tomorrow.


Since we’ll have a big meal tomorrow, we wanted to have something light for dinner tonight and decided to have “Picnic at Home”.  We had San Daniel Ham, Spicy Salami with fennel, Country Pate, Blue Shropshire cheese and L’Affine Au Chablis, a large salad and French bread.  I think this was our first time to have L’Affine Au Chablis.  It’s washed with Chablis from Burgundy.  As it’s very soft, we kept it in the box and scooped with a spoon to eat.  It’s creamy but not too creamy to me, has enough depth of flavour but not too strong or too salty.





We have “picnic at home” at the coffee table in front of TV.  This is the only time when we watch TV while we have dinner.  Today, we watched “Love Actually” and also the very last episode of “Downton Abbey” that we started watching from the beginning (for the 3rd time, I think) some months ago.  Love Actually is one of the films we tend to watch every year around Christmas.  It felt nice and Christmassey!

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