Today’s dinner was Tonkatsu.  My husband wanted to have Tonkatsu when we were in Fukukoka but we couldn’t find a proper Tonkatsu restaurant and had Miso Katsu instead (it’s Tonkatsu as well but the sauce is different).  Also, like I wrote yesterday, I wanted to use up the cabbage left from Okonomi-yaki.  I also made Miso soup (I used some of the left-over Minestrone and added sliced onion and sliced potato, water, miso) and also Yamaimo Steak.  Yamaimo is like yam but long, it’s crunchy when raw but becomes more like yam when it’s cooked.  It’s also slimy so not everyone likes it but we do.  I used a little sake, sugar and soy sauce after coating the slices with corn starch, then cook in a little oil both sides.


I used to use powdered yamaimo for Okonomi-yaki but I cannot find it anywhere now, so I have no choice but buying a fresh one.  I need very little of it for Okonomi-yaki so I need to think of other way to eat the rest.


It was very “brown dinner”….  I wish we had a little onion, which could have been sprinkled over the yamaimo.





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  1. Absolutely delicious 😋

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