Osaka Kitchen – Okonomi-yaki & Teppan-yaki


We went to Osaka Kitchen for dinner today.  We tried it once (we thought maybe a month ago but it was actually 2 months ago) and liked it so we went back.  We sat at the counter again.



Cucumber marinaded with chilli oil.



Asparagus – this is half of an order.



Camembert cheese – again half.



Homemade Goma-dofu.  Half again.



Rib Eye steak of Ohmi beef – this is one order.



Sobameshi (stir-fried mixture of noodle and rice).  A half of an order.



Ice cream of black soy bean & soy bean powder – one whole order.




We enjoyed everything but I particularly enjoyed Goma-dofu and Ohmi beef steak.  We could have eaten a whole steak each very easily.  It’s still in Dry January so no beer, we had Oolong tea (1 for me and 2 for my husband).  The bill was S$185.  The last time it was about S$160 even though we did drink beer.  I guess we ordered one or two more expensive items.  It seems quite expensive for this type of dinner but it’s on the expensive side in Japan (this place has its main restaurant in Japan) so it cannot be helped to be expensive here.  Just the steak is about S$60.  As everything is good quality we feel it’s OK to pay that much.  The staff working behind the counter work very efficiently, which is a pleasure to see.  Most customers are Japanese here.


We seem to go to these casual places for Friday dinners these days more often than to more “posh” places.  We used to want to go to posh places on Fridays but I find lots of those type of restaurants here are very expensive but their food isn’t that great and you feel silly to pay that much money, so I sort of gave up trying find such restaurants.  My husband loves these casual Japanese places, where we eat at the counter and we now prefer good food in casual places than mediocre food in posh places.


Osaka Kitchen
4F Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238877

Tel:+65 6262 3271






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  1. Droooooool! Looks all so good!

    1. spiceynoodle says:

      Yes, it was very good!

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