The Best Macaroni Cheese – Pasta With Leeks And Bacon


In the afternoon, my husband said “I haven’t planned dinner tonight” – meaning he hadn’t decided what to cook or had done any shopping.  He didn’t sound like he wanted to either.  I asked if we were going to Jamie’s Italian because when he doesn’t feel like cooking on Sunday that’s what we tend to do, but he said it was fully booked when he checked.  I knew we have some Japanese leek in the fridge and some bacon in the freezer, there was also good amount of milk, so I suggested to make Delia Smith’s Macaroni Cheese (Penne with Leeks & Bacon).  We used shell-shaped pasta, not Penne.


Although the recipe calls for western leek we only had Japanese leek left over from hot pot.  We weren’t able to get Western ones in Japan when we lived there so we got used to using Japanese leek. I actually prefer it now because it seems to keep the texture more than western leek so we often use Japanese leek anyway.


I think in general, macaroni cheese doesn’t have leek or probably bacon either, but Delia Smith’s recipe uses both as well as bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese and cayenne pepper.  I particularly love the crispy toppings.  I like to keep the white sauce very runny so it doesn’t dry out after cooking in the oven.  I don’t like Cheddar cheese so we used shredded mozzarella that you usually use for pizza.  It’s steaming hot, crispy on top and soft and creamy (not too creamy for me) inside – it was so good!  I know it’s not the healthiest food but it was so yummy.






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