Back From India





We arrived back home from India yesterday evening.  As many of my friends were worried for me, there were quite a few things I was worried about this trip but we didn’t have any major problem nor Delhi Belly and had a fantastic time.  Architecture was astounding everywhere and everything we saw was interesting in one way or another and we travelled very comfortably.

The only thing was that I came down with a cold on the 5th day, then passed it to my husband and we still haven’t got rid of it completely.  We coughed a little around 4th or 5th day then we thought we got rid of it but I started coughing again a few days ago in Delhi – probably the pollution in Delhi made it worse.  I hadn’t had a cold for a long long time, it was such a bad timing to get it.  Still, we had a fantastic time in spite of the cold.

I’m looking forward to writing about our trip to re-live the great 14 days, but I took so many photographs that It’ll take a long time.  My wrist got better while we were on the trip so I don’t want to strain it too much.

Anyway, we had a wonderful time in India and are back safe and sound!





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