India Trip Day 2 / Dinner At Masala Kraft (Taj Mahal Hotel)

ムンバイ2日目の夕食は、滞在していたタージマハールホテルのインド料理のレストラン「Masala Kraft」に行きました。内装もサービスも、予想していたよりカジュアルでした。インドのパンを焼くキッチンの手前のテーブルだったので、シェフがパンを焼いているところを見るのが楽しかったです。

On our 2nd day, we went to “Masala Kraft” in the Taj Mahal Hotel, where we were staying.  Both the interior and the service seemed more casual than I had expected.  Our table was right at the kitchen where a chef was baking Indian bread and it was fun to watch him.

Phulka というパン。RotiやChapatiとも呼ばれます。以前香港で習ったこともあり、今回デリーでも習いましたが、最初に鉄のフライパンで片面を少し焼き、裏返してまた焼いたら直火に乗せてぷ〜っと膨らむのを待ちます。

Here he is making a bread called Phulka (or Roti or Chapati).  I learned how to make this in Hong Kong many years ago and also again the other day in Delhi.  You bake it on a cast iron pan first on both sides then put it onto a direct flame and let it puff up.




こちらは Roomali Roti と言って薄く大きく伸ばした生地をひっくり返した中華鍋のような鉄板に乗せて焼くパンで、ロマリというのはハンカチという意味だったと思います。インド人のお友達に教えていただいて、シンガポールのインド料理屋さんでもよくオーダーしているパンです。

Here he is making Roomali Roti, which is a large and thin bread baked on a pan that looks like a wok upside down.  If I remember correctly, Roomali means hankerchief.  An Indian friend taught us this one and we often order it in the Indian restaurant we go to in Singapore.





We tried Indian wine, which came in this bottle.



Papadum.  In India, in all the restaurants we were given more than 1 kind of papadum.



We ordered 2 starters to share.  One is crunchy chick peans (they were first coated with some kind of sweet sauce, then deep-fried crispy and covered with some yoghurt sauce), the other was sweet corn covered with spicy sauce, which apparently is a street food in Delhi.  I loved these crispy chick peas, wanted to make them at home and searched for a recipe but haven’t found one like these.  Maybe these are original creation of the restaurant?  Perhaps it’s street food and they made this arrangement.



Sweetcorn was incredibly salty, so much so that even my husband didn’t enjoy it.  When the chef came and asked if we liked everything, we told him we did except for the sweetcorn as it was way too salty.  When we paid, the sweet corn wasn’t charged for and they gave us some sort of additional discount on something or other.  That wasn’t actually what we had wanted, all we wanted was to reduce salt level because it was way too much comparing to others, but a similar thing happened on a completely different situation so we sort of stopped making any critical remarks.  Next time when there was something that was way too salty in another restaurant, we just told them it was all good because we didn’t want them to think we are claiming to get discount!



Aubergine curry came in a cute aubergine shape pot, that’s what I thought, but looking at these photos it looks like it was actually real aubergine used as a pot.  It was quite dark and I wasn’t wearing my reading glasses.




I think the one on the right is aubergine curry and the one on the left is butter chicken.  The rice is cumin rice.  In India, the restaurant staff always serves the food for you so I sometimes missed an opportunity to take a photo in the form it was brought to the table, and I couldn’t get a photo of the butter chicken in its pot.



We didn’t use our fingers but lots of Indian people eat with their fingers, so they gave us some rosewater scented water to wash our hands.



We ordered 2 desserts.  One was Indian rice pudding with silver sheet.  British pudding is warm so my husband was very surprised that this one was cold.


もう1品は、夫が大好きなGalab Jamunというデザート。こちらにもシルバーがのっています。ドーナッツのように揚げた生地をシロップに漬けてあるもので、インド料理レストランではほぼ必ずメニューに載っています。わたしには甘すぎていただけないのですが、このレストランなら甘さを控えているかもと思いトライしてみたのが間違いでした。やっぱり、激甘。

The other is Galab Jamun, again with silver.  My husband’s favourite.  It’s a very popular dessert in India, you see in almost all the Indian restaurants all over the world, I think.  It’s much too sweet for me, but I tried it because I thought maybe in such a restaurant they’ll reduce the sugar.  No, they don’t.



I don’t remember how much the bill was but I thought it was more than I expected considering we were in India.  It is in one of the best hotels in India, so I guess I should have expected it to be more pricey.  In their site, average spent is 4000 INR so about US120 for 2, which probably is more or less our bill was.

Masala Kraft
The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel
Apollo Bunder, Colaba
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001, India

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