Lunch At “Churchill Room” At Tanglin Club

ずいぶん久しぶりにお目にかかるお友達と、ランチをご一緒しました。なんだかこのところ「久しぶりに」が多い気がします。数人は度々お目にかかっているお友達もあるのですが、多くの方がそれぞれにシンガポールを度々留守にされる方が多く、わたしの旅行とすれ違ったりでたまにしかお目にかかれない方が多いのです。ご一緒したお1人がタングリンクラブの会員なので、クラブのレストラン「Churchill Room」にご一緒しました。タングリンクラブで以前も多分2度くらいランチをする機会がありましたが、このレストランは初めてのような?(自信はない。)

I had lunch with a couple of friends I hadn’t had a chance to see for quite a while.  Many of my friends travel so often, months go by before we can get together again.  One of the friends I saw today is a member of the Tanglin Club so we had lunch at their “Churchill Room”.  I’ve had a couple of opportunities before to have lunch at the club but I have a feeling this was my first time to be in the Churchill Room although I cannot be sure…


I forgot to take little presents from India and also my big camera.  Getting more and more forgetful…


All of us took their lunch set, one of us had a normal one and 2 of us had a vegetarian one.


The friend who took the normal lunch set had salmon to start with.



The other friend, who had a vegetarian set, had Burrata cheese salad.  I had mushroom soup but the photo was very out of focus because I was too close to the subject in “portrait” mode.




Main for the normal set – is it a snapper?




We two had white bean stew.  It had edamame, kale and breaded & deep-fried mozzarella cheese as well, which added different texture.  I think it’s a good idea to add breaded & deep-fried mozzarella to such dish to add extra texture although it does make for higher calories.



The dessert was “Strawberry Texture”.  It was also very good.



I had a bottle of sparkling water and the bill was S$36.  We also had tea/coffee after the dessert.  Thanks to the friend who pays the membership fee, we were able to have lunch very inexpensively.  All very good.  The restaurant was quite quiet so we were able to enjoy our chat.


It’s fun to be in a big group but when it’s just 2 or 3 of you you can have just one conversation and do a real catch up.  There was probably more to catch up but we did have a good chat about the Christmas holidays, India and some other subjects.  Had a lovely afternoon.


The Churchill Room
The Tanglin Club
5 Stevens Rd, 257814







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