India Trip / Shopping – New Bag

インドでは期待していたほど欲しいものに出会わず、洋服も少し買っただけで、他はスカーフとスパイスとスナック類(多分、ムスタファセンターで買えると思います 笑)程度しか買いませんでしたが、いくつか嬉しいお買い物もありました。

I didn’t find as many things as I expected in India.  I bought just a couple of pieces of clothes and scarves, some spices and snacks (that we can probably buy in Mustafa Centre).  However, there are a few things that I bought and love.


This bag is one of them.




As I hate negotiating prices and have no interest in Indian style carpets, rugs or silver jewellery we asked the guides not to take us to any of those “tourist traps” shoppping places.  However, the guide in Udaipur suggested that we have a look at this place where they collect old Indian fabrics and make bags, bed spreads, clothes etc.  It was close from City Palace and we had time so we stopped by and found this bag.


The shop is in an old building that used to be a Haveli, it looks very Indian and is huge inside.


















たくさんの有名人の方達がここのバッグを持っている雑誌の切り抜きが飾られていました。インドなので「ほんとかな?」と思ってしまいますが、VOGUE やELLE などでも紹介されているお店のようですので本当なのかな?お店の中での写真もあるので多分本当なのだろうと思いますが。。。ま、とりあえず、バッグは気に入っています。

They had a board with full of photo clips from magazines that show how celebrities carry their bags.  Being India I was sceptical but I’m told they were featured in VOGUE and ELLE so maybe it’s true?  There are even some photos taken in the shop so perhaps…. Anyway, I like the bag I bought.


As you can see the fabrics they use for most of their bags are red/orange/brown and I feel they look cute on young people but may not look that great on me, I worry it may look too hippy-ish not in a nice way.  The blue one stood out for this reason and I felt I can carry blue better.


It is very in-your-face so you need to wear very simple clothes but I quite like it.  I thought about buying one for my sister but in the end I decided not to because somehow I felt she wouldn’t feel comfortable with carrying such a bag.  I think it’s one of those designs that some people may dislike, so perhaps not to give as a present specially because it’s not so cheap.  I think we paid something like US250.  However it’s very pretty and I can see it takes hours of work to make so I felt it was a fair price.




Ganesha Handicraft Emporium
City Palace Road
Udaipur 313001
Rajastan, INDIA

Tel: +91-294-2523647




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