India Day 8 / From Jodhpur To Pushkar

インド旅行記、やっと半分終わりました。ここまでで2週間もかかってしまいました。わたしも後で読み返したいですし、夫も楽しく読んでいるようなので(相変わらず食事の時の話題はインドです 笑)頑張って書きます。

I’m just about halfway through on my India trip diary, it’s taken 2 weeks!  I do love reading my own diaries about our holidays and my husband also enjoys reading them so I will keep going!


India Day 8.  We travelled from Jodhpur to Pushkar.  We were told it would be about 4 hours’ drive, but from Udaipur to Jodhpur took an hour longer than we were told so we asked our hotel in Jodhpur to make us packed lunch just in case it takes longer and we don’t have a place to have lunch.  It did take just about 4 hours so we were in the hotel around 1.30pm – we could have eaten freshly cooked food in the hotel but we had the packed lunch as we didn’t want to waste it.  The following photos are all taken from the car window as we didn’t stop anywhere.  This whole area is a desert so it is very dusty everywhere.  We saw a lot of camels, too.








You see these small bags in bright colours hanging?  We saw them everywhere, even in a very remote place.  We guess they are some snacks and my husband and I joked about them because they were literally everywhere.







You can spot ladies working in a field even from very far as they wear very colourful clothes.



Weighing something with stones.




ホテルは、Westin Resort。ここはバックパッカーが主体なのか、あまり良いホテルがありませんでした。結構街中から離れていて、しかも最後の30分ほどはすごい凸凹道で、なぜこんなところに?と思うところにありました。お部屋の窓から覗いたらちょうどラクダが通りかかったので、パチリ。

We stayed at The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa in Pushkar.  I guess the majority of the visitors here are backpackers, they don’t have many good hotels.  This hotel was quite far from the town centre and the road in the last 30 minutes or so were very bumpy dirt road, we wondered why anyone would build a hotel here.  When we looked out of the window in our room, we saw a decorated camel.



After a little rest, we went to the town of Pushkar to meet our guide to be taken around the town.

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