India Day 8 / Dinner In Pushkar


The agent told us that he cannot recommend any restaurant in Pushkar so it’s better to eat at the hotel.  To be honest, our hotel seemed almost empty so we didn’t really want to eat at there, but we didn’t feel we had a choice.  The restaurant was empty except for 1 family, and there was no atmosphere, it was like a huge coffee shop.


I cannot remember what we ordered even seeing this photo, but I think they were all vegetarian as Pushkar is a basically vegetarian place.  I do remember, though, that we were pleasantly surprised how delicious the food was.  We felt that the food is better in “not very nice” restaurants.



We had ice cream for dessert.  One is chocolate but I cannot remember what the other one was…. The chocolate ice cream was nice but the other one … no recollection at all.


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